7 life events

Katriina Autio

The fact I was born in this family.

I have grown in a big family, and the attention hasn't always been on me. That has made me the way I am; I know how to take care of myself and I don't need to ask for help in everything I do. I also got good values from my mom and dad, I was taught to love and appreciate other people and God.

I got a little sister who has Down's syndrome.

She has taught me maybe more than anyone ever. When we got her, life changed a lot happier. She is always the one who is happy and she reminds us to laugh and not to be sad. I also have learned to love and understand different people, and that it's not wrong if someone is different.

I started running.

Couple years ago I started running with my sister. I didn't do it as much as I do it now, but that made me feel better with school, my body and everything. It was easier to accept myself the way I was, when I had actually done something for it.

I got new friends at 8th grade.

Before that had been spending time with people who did "bad" things. When I got to know the friends who have good values and are fun to be with, my life changed happier and my values changed. I'm still very close with those people, so that was an important event in my life.

My 2 older sisters moved away from home.

I am really close with those sisters, so it was hard to let them go. I felt lonely a lot but I also learned that nothing lasts forever, sometimes comes the time when you have to let go. And I still am close with my sisters, so I didn't actually lose them.

I decided to study in high school.

That was a smart decision. I had more time to be at home, because my other option would have been to move away after 9th grade. I also hope that it gives me a good education and a job.

Exchange year.

This year has taught me a lot. I have learned to appreciate and love my family, friends and the home country more than before. I am stronger than before and I grew up during this year. I have also gotten to know my wonderful host family and some other people who I will miss when I get back home.