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March 14th, 2021


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Weekly Message

Garfield Families,

Tomorrow, we welcome back out Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students. If you have requested to change your child's in-person days, those were automatically approved unless your child has yellow bus transportation. If your child rides the bus, those requests are still being reviewed by the district. Below is information regarding what a typical day will look like for our in-person and remote-only students.

As a reminder, students are not required to be in uniform as long as they're comfortable and are wearing appropriate clothing. During class tomorrow and on Thursday, students will be given a backpack with masks, pencils, crayons, scissors, folders and more. Students in preschool, kindergarten and first grade do not need to bring their ipads and computers back and forth to school. In second grade, the classroom teachers will notify families if technology is required while in the building.

I appreciate our Garfield families and thank you for your patience as we transition into our new normal. This newsletter primarily focusses on PreK-2 as our youngest kiddos begin school tomorrow; however, additional 3rd-8th grade specific information will be coming this week.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing our kids tomorrow!

Jake Bosley


Garfield School

Start Dates

  • Preschool: Monday, March 15th
  • Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd Grades (Cohort A): Monday, March 15th
  • Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd Grades (Cohort B): Thursday, March 18th

  • 3rd-8th Grades (Cohort A): Monday, March 22nd
  • 3rd-8th Grades (Cohort B): Thursday, March 25th

3rd-8th Grade & Encore Reminder!

3rd-8th Grades: Students in grades 3rd-8th will not have live online instruction on Thursday (18th) and Friday (19th) of this week. This is to allow our 3rd-8th grade teachers to prepare for 3rd-8th grade in-person learning beginning on March 22nd.

Encore (PE, Art & Library): Starting tomorrow, there will no longer be online encore classes. This is to allow our encore teachers the ability to teach our live in-person students.

In-Person/Hybrid Information

Arrival: While at school (in-person), arrival beings at 8:20am for K-8th grades and school begins at 8:35am. For preschool, arrival begins at 8:40am. Busses will drop students off in the back of the school and they'll be escorted to the front by a staff member. Families who bring their children to school will drop students off in the front of the building off of W. 140th and students will enter the building through the front main doors. Students will be given a breakfast and depending on the time, they'll be escorted to the cafeteria, gym or directly to their classrooms to eat.

Class & Lunch: Throughout the day, students will have all their regular classes (English, Math, Social Studies & Science) including Encore (PE, Music & Library). During lunch (11:05am), kids will eat in their classrooms and will have access to outside areas once they're finished eating.

Dismissal: For dismissal, car riders will be picked up in the back of the school off of W 143rd. Please form two lines in the parking lot. A staff member will ask for your child's name, and they'll be sent out from the gym. Bus riders will exit from the front of the building.

Online Only Students

At Garfield, we have done everything possible to keep all of our Garfield students at Garfield while we transition to in-person learning, including our online only students. Students in kindergarten through 8th grades will still be taught by a Garfield staff member. For any students in preschool who have opted to be online only, parents will be notified of who their child's teacher will be soon.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grades Online Only Specifics:

Kindergarten Online Only Staff Members: Mrs. Fischer, Dr. Handley and Ms. Orlando
  • Updated online only schedule will be posted online
1st Grade Online Only Staff Members: Devin Mulvihill & Ms. Chambers
  • Online only schedules will be exactly how they are today with no schedule changes
2nd Grade Online Only Staff Members: Kasey Linberg & Jackie Lehane
  • Online only schedules will be exactly how they are today with no schedule changes

Garfield School Hours Change

Our hours are changing! Garfield's new hours for students will be 8:35am-3:05pm.

Say Yes Family Support

Our Family Support Specialist, Lilli Nandi, is here to help!

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