Wanted Dead Or Alive

Leprosy-Report immediately is sighted, It can save your life

Leprosy - What To Look Out For (Description)

Leprosy aka Hansen's Disease is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria mycobacterium leprae and mycobacterium lepromatosis these are non deadly bacteria's but still horrible to have.Symptoms that develop include granuloas of the nerves, respiratory tract, skin, and eyes. This may result in loss of feeling.

This Outlaws MO

Leprosy is known for going for the nerves in the cooler parts of the body especially those near the skin that relate to the hands feet and face. if the nerves are damaged feeling wont return. And because of superstitions people in other countries have a great fear of leprosy.

Most Common Victims

No one is sure Who he likes to prey on, he isn't very picky at all. He will go for anyone he can attack.

His Hide Out

He mostly attacks people in India and Brazil with anywhere from 10,000 and up. next in line is the US, china and a lot of Africa. But no one is sure exactly who he likes to prey on just people in that area so watch out.

Common Symptoms

It primarily affects the nerves of the extremities which are the nerves in your arms and legs, the lining of the nose is where it Primarily affects. The common symptoms are skin sores nerve damage and muscle weakness if left untreated.

Threat Rating

Leprosy can be dangerous under some circumstances although it is not highly contagious. it is not considered armed or dangerous because it takes a lot of work and untreated care to become deadly.

Number Of Victims

All together there have been an estimate of about 20.5 million victims recorded with the disease. In the mid 60's to mid 80's there have been about 10 to 12 million victims, but since the cure has been made there has been about 5.5 million victims in 1991, so not many victims, he has had to lay low lately because of this cure.

Prevention or Treatment

An organization called "WHO" made a cure and provided MDT (Multidrug Treatment) ever since 1981 and all of this is free of charge by them. the two drugs consisted of

Rifampicin and Dapsone for PB Leprosy and Rifampicin, Clofazimine, and Dapsone for MB Leprosy.

Identifying Characteristics

You can Identify him by a rash on the skin and or large bumps on the face. these can be extremely painful so also look out for that. Also remember that it will appear on the legs arms and cheeks or face tissue.