Uinta County School District #1

Weekly Newsletter-March 2018, Vol. 19

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On Friday, March 23, UCSD #1 held a luncheon to show appreciation for the ongoing support of local law enforcement in protecting the students and staff of Uinta County School District #1.

During the week of March 12, 2018 a note was found in a locker at Evanston High School threatening violence. It was determined the note was not a viable threat, but in support of UCSD #1's students and staff, the Evanston Police Department, Uinta Count Sheriff's Department, and the State Highway Patrol increased their presence at all of the schools in Evanston. A student was overheard saying that Evanston High School was the safest place in America on March 14th.

Thank you again to those who serve the Evanston community from the Evanston Police Department, Uinta County Sheriff's Department, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol. You are appreciated!

Evanston Police Department

Chad Liechty, Shawn Stahl, Ben Gilmore, Rhett Groll, Rich McMurray, Jon Kirby, Festus (Scott) Faddis, Aaron Cheney, Cody Webb, Brandon Nelson, Dustin Kennedy, Justin George, Eric Solie, Don Shillcox, Mike Vranish, Nico Knezovich

Uinta County Sheriff's Office

Rowdy Dean, Doug Matthews

Wyoming Highway Patrol

Matt Arnell, Brad White, David Homer, Kent Hutchinson

UCSD#1 Personnel

Ryan Thomas, Doug Rigby, Joe Ingalls, John Williams, John Davis, Joe DeLong, Austin Moore, Rick Sanchez, Pep Brinkerhoff, Jaraun Dennis, Kimber Fessler, Diane Gardner, Steve Peterson, Jerrod Dastrup, Eric Christenot, Chris Brown, Merle Lester, Scott Kohler, Shad Hamilton


ELA Curriculum Resource Adoption Open House

Wednesday, March 28th, 6:30pm

537 10th Street

Evanston, WY

6th-12th grade teachers have narrowed it down to two English/language arts curriculum resources to choose from. We'd like to invite you to meet us in the Boardroom and discuss the pro's and con's of these programs and give us your input.

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27th-Kimber Fessler, Elizabeth Espinoza-Masters

28th-Lori Larsen, Brooke George, Laura Sulser, Araceli Contreras

29th-Kim Smith, Heather Baldwin

30th-Heather Johnson

31st-Dustan Blair, Terri Fowler, Bree Anna Sanchez

April 1st-Paula Guzak, Lindsey Bowen



Ryan Thomas, Superintendent Ext.1020

Cheri Dunford, Supt., Board Exec. Assistant Ext. 1021

Dr. Joseph Ingalls, Assistant Superintendent K-5 Ext. 1026

Doug Rigby, Assistant Superintendent 6-12 Ext. 1025

Alicia Johnson, Instructional Services Admin. Asst. Ext. 1024

Kristine Hayduk, Human Resources Ext. 1023

Matt Williams, SPED Director Ext. 1040

Shannon Arellanes, SPED Admin. Asst. Ext. 1041

Bubba O'Neill, Activities Director Ext. 1060

Dauna Bruce, Activities Admin. Asst. Ext. 1061

John Williams, Business Director, Ext. 1030

Jaraun Dennis, Facilities Director, Ext. 1075