Keep Sweet-By:Strickland W. Gillian

By: Felicity Termure

Keep Sweet- By: Strickland W. Gillian


The speaker is telling somebody else to not act spoiled and that other people have problems in the world too not just them. The speaker is telling the person he is talking to, to be sweet, nice and to not be negative, which that theme is very emphasized through the poem.


The poem does not tell a story, it is more like a set of instructions in a way. The mood of the poem is upbeat, and nice, which is also connected to the mood being shown in the poem, being a kind of affection. The speaker is not necessarily talking to the reader, it is more like a fictional persona that he is talking to indirectly. The speakers tone can be seen as negative but also nice, because through the poem the speaker is telling the person to not be negative, and to not destroy hope, but to spread hope with there lips.


There are twenty-four lines in the poem, with six lines in each group. The form is a AABBBC rhyme scheme. I think the speaker chose the form for this poem to come more sweetly off the lips, and easily because that is connected to the theme of the poem. The poem does not really tell a story or progress in anything, it just repeats the idea of staying sweet and not being negative. There are eight sentences in the poem, which are mostly simple sentences. With the sentences the verbs are in front of the nouns, instead of the noun normally being in front of the verb. In the poem there are some commas, periods and colons. The title connects to the theme of staying sweet, and nice.


Th word choice in the poem is simple, with very little formality. Some word such as pessimism, malice, misanthropy, pampered, whine and blighted, they make the poem seem negative, but words such as bless, songbirds, sweet, and good, all are more nice, and comforting words. There are no allusions in the poem or any imagery except, "Keep his flag of courage flying." This makes the poem more uplifting, and nice.

Musical devices-

The rhyme scheme occurs in a regular pattern, while there is no type of stressed or unstressed syllables meter. Musical devices did not really affect how the reader felt about the poem, only the rhyme scheme had an effect. the rhyme scheme had a smooth kind of feel to it while reading the poem which connects to the nice, sweet theme idea.

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