The Taj Mahal

By Brian Hernandez Godinez


The Taj Mahal is one of the most finest places of history.This was for the emperor's wife.The emperor wanted to make a mausoleum for her.He did this with honor and respect.The Taj Mahal was the mausoleum's name and is now history.

A sad moment

In 1631 when emperor, Shah Jahan lost his 4th wife Muntaz Mahal, Shah Jahan was so much in pain that he wanted to make a majestic resting place for his wife.His wife was ready to give birth to a child.When she gave birth, she died after.Shah Jahan had married more than 4 queens,but his favorite was the one the one who died on birth.

The Construction Of The Taj Mahal

The construction began in 1632.When workers started building the Taj Mahal, they constructed it out of white marble.More than 20,000 workers were needed and 2,000 elephants were also included for heavy lifting.The central dome reached 240 feet on height, surrounded by 4 smaller domes, 4 slender towers, and minarets in the corners.Also included a main gateway of red sandstone and a square garden divided into quarters by long pools of water.In the 19th century,lord Gurzon ordered a major restoration of the mausoleum complex.Colonial effort to preserve India's artistic and cultural heritage.The Taj Mahal was finished in 1648, that is more than 16 years of building this gigantic place.When the Taj Mahal was finished, the workers were angry the emperor couldn't pay them.More than 8 billion dollars the emperor owes the workers.The emperor, Shah Jahan died in prison for not paying and was buried beside his wife and his favorite servant.

Taj Mahal Today

Today the Taj Mahal is now protected from nearby factories and automobiles.There is an area of 10,400 sq. km. around the Taj Mahal and protects the marble from damaging.More than 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal a year, that 45,000 people a day!The Taj Mahal changes color depending on the sunlight or moon.Also the Taj Mahal is connected by the second grand mausoleum across the Yamuna River by a bridge.

Best Structure Ever!

This is one of the seven worlds of wonder!The Taj Mahal is almost 4oo years old and still stands for the Emperor Shah Jahan, his wife Muntaz Mahal, and his favorite servant.Even though the Taj Mahal suffered for 2 centuries after Shah Jahan's death, this mausoleum was later protected by lord Gurzon.Any body would like to be buried inside this gigantic structure just like Shah Jahan's wife did, but it would cost a lot of money for all the materials and payment for the workers.This will be history for many many years.