Dental Hygientist

Teeth Teeth Teeth!

What Are We?

All of us that are dental hygientist are very important. We help help prevent and/or correct dental problems by taking X-Rays, examing gums and teeth, removing plaque and build up, polishing teeth, assiting dental procedures and more. This might not seem very important but it really is. it helps your apperiance and your health.

Why Does This Matter To You?

Dental Hygientist really matter in our social lives because oral care is a BIG part of our lives. Oral care is not just taking care of your mouth but its also taking care of your body. oral care really helps with your apperence, white teeth, straight teeth. Dental care takes care of your body in ways that are sometimes life or death situations. It helps decreasing the risk for infections, heart disease, stroke, and clogged arteries.  It seems surpizing but it is really interesting!

School School School!!

Yes we know, school is NOT fun but in this case you have got to have it. In becoming a dental hygientist, in highschool you might want to invest on taking Biology, Chemistry, Geometry and Algebra. after highschool college comes next. The minimum degree you can have is the associates degree. Also the lucky part is you only have to go to school for a year in college!! You can go for more however, if you dont want to you only have to a year. Its a great pay off!

Money, personality, and project growth.

the average salary a dental hygientist makes is about $70,000 a year! Thats very good! you can have a nice house, a nice car! Ever noticed how dentist are really nice? Thats because most dentist have to be compassionate, possitive, outgoing and you have to have the ability to speak clearly. project growth from 2010-2020 is about 20%.
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Cool Facts and places that'll hire you!

The fact that dental hygientist get to work with people of all ages is pretty cool. you get to interact and everything! Also it is known that if your mouth is clean and healthy you have a healthy body and vis versa. places that look for new dental hygientist are Bright Now! Dental, U.S Army, and ETS Dental.