Minecraft in the Classroom

Lesson Ideas and More!

Literature Connections

Students can use Minecraft to recreate scenes from a book or story. They can also work as a small group to act out scenes. They can capture photos/videos to demonstrate their learning. Have the students display their creation to guide others through the world of their book. Using a rubric to make sure that key features are included helps increase comprehension. Not to mention, student engagement is HIGH!


Students can use the blocks in Minecraft to create 3D bar graphs to display data from a variety of sources. Signs can be added for labels, etc. Have students use screen capture to share their graph with the class or, better yet, give guided tours in game.

Historical Events

Similar to the Literature Connections, students can demonstrate their knowledge of events throughout history by recreating scenes in Minecraft. Students studying the early US can work as a group to rebuild Jamestown, or recreate a major battlefield. Imagine getting to walk around Boston Harbor right before the Tea Party started!