Heist Society

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Imagine a world full of people that take things for a living and one out a billion whats out of that life. Katarina Bishop is in a family that steals for a living, when she finally gets out her family sucks her back in.

About the book

The awesome book Heist Society is about a girl named Katarina Bishop who is kicked out of boarding school after three months because Hale her friend her wants her to steal these paintings for this man named Arturo Taccone. Taccone thinks that Katarina's father stole them so Taccone is giving her two weeks to get all five of the paintings back.
Heist Society, by Ally Carter

About the sick people is this book

Katarina Bishop is the protagonist in the book she is trying to get the paintings back for this crook Arturo Taccone who is the antagonist in the book. Kat finds out that Taccones plan is to find her father and to very bad things to him and her friends if she does not get the paintings back.

Arturo Taccone is the antagonist in the book he is the very bad guy. Taccone is a very rich man with very bad habits, he setting up kat making her steal paintings that he owns but the bad thing is that they are in a famous museum that has the best security system in the world.

W.W Hale is the rich boy that gets kat out of school and helping kat clear her father's name.

My Connections

  1. Orpheus and Eurydice
  2. Eros and Psyche
  3. Pyramus and Thisbe
  4. A.H Traits


Heist Society is a book full of mystery I know that it is a book about people taking some paintings from a museum, but it is more than that even if i did not finish the book i can tell you that it will keep you on the edge on your bed or chair.

Mary-Saskia Cobite

BOOK by Mary-Saskia Cobite