Advice for Induction & New Teachers

from the SCASL Pre-Service Education Committee

New Beginnings

Congratulations! You have embarked on your teaching career! As exciting as this time is, it is also be one of the most demanding times of your life. Just remember, your school librarian is here to help.

We know where the laminator is, what books your students LOVE to read, what a Makerspace is and have some great ideas for teaching content in an engaging and interactive way.

Whether you are beginning your teaching practicum or are underway with your first teaching job, make sure connecting with your school librarian is a priority. You'll be glad you did!

School Librarians Are:

Old School

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Is this what you picture when you think "librarian"? School librarians still read books, but we do so much more!

New School

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School Librarians Help Students Think, Create, Share & Grow!
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As you prepare to set the world on fire and inspire young minds, remember to...

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