Digestive System

By: Adriana Uelman

Function of the system

All the organs work together to ensure proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Three Homeostatic problems that can occur

  • Jaundice:
Cause: excessive amounts of bile are absorbed into the blood stream because of a blockage resulting in a yellowish discoloration of the skin
Symptoms: Yellowing of the skin, pale stool, darkened urine, weight loss, flu like

Treatment: Anti viral medication

  • Diarrhea:
Cause: When the rate of digestion quickens the water and nutrients isn't absorbed

properly and becomes more of a liquid

Symptoms: abdominal bloating, thin or loose stool, watery stool, urge to have a bowel movement, nausea

Treatment: let it run it's course, over the counter meds (pepto), drink water


  • Gall Stones:
Cause: Formed when bile is not emptied regularly, cholesterol and salt in the bile builds up into a solid called gall stones

Symptoms: Pain in the upper abdomen and upper back. The pain may last for several hours, nausea, vomiting, bloating, heart burn, gas

Treatment: Remove the gall bladder

Major Organs/ Functions

  • Mouth: entry of food
  • Pharynx: food passes through this to the esophagus
  • Esophagus: pushes food to the stomach
  • Stomach: mixes food with the muscles and gastric juices to break down food into chyme
  • Small Intestines: absorbs food and water, tiny villi grab nutrients
  • Large Intestines: bacteria absorb and break down food that has been missed
  • Liver and Gall Bladder: liver creates bile to break up fats and the gall bladder stores it
  • Pancreas: breaks down fats, proteins, and starch

Current Event


The effects of fermented milk on the gut.

-fermented milk and yogurts contain probiotics

  • porbiotics: facilitate fiber digestion, boost immune system, prevent and cure diarrhea