My trip to Cheyenne,WY

By: Kylee.T.


Date of my departure: Feb,14 Date of my return:Feb,20


My airline: United air lines

2 round trip tickets: $ 1,338

Hotels and total cost

The hotel I am staying at is: Sun Days Inn: Price for 6 nights: $396

lunch and cost

I will be having McDonalds for lunch. For the next 7 days in total it will cost 86 dollars.

Dinner is served

my dinner for 6 nights will be at Chilis and it will cost 63 dollars

That looks so fun!!

I will be going to 3 places and it is called Barns and Noble, Buckle, and the Cheyenne Depot Museum. $149

Budget $ 4000.00

left over: $1970

spent: $2030