The most spechial of spechials

Who is Kayla

Kayla is the most spechial person in the whole wide world. She loves to eat takis, which are called sisters. She loves to kill people in her dreams. She tells everyone the truth of how they act and look.
Kayla was born in December 13, 2004 so yes she is 11. She hates everyone in our classroom. She listens to music on her phone during school

Her chilhood

She lost and earring when she went somewhere FYI she was yazmin the princess that day. She also threw some scissors to a kid when she was in 3 grade and she got in trouble.

She also poked a kid in school and got introuble.

Now in 5 grade

She twisted marianas pinkie because hers was already crooked. Thank you for reading Kaylas life. THANKS.