3/4's Elaborate Expo

Rotations, Inquiry, Arts Extension and Earn & Learn Work

Please come and get a tour of some of your child's work completed this semester!

You will receive a personalized tour from your child of all the work on display in each LA in the Main Building of CJC.
This work was completed during 3/4 Rotations, Inquiry lessons, Arts Extension and Earn & Learn.

3/4 Elaborate Expo

Thursday, Dec. 13th 2012 at 11:45am-12:45pm

186 Balaclava Road

Caulfield North, VIC

Please sign in at the office and our 'Police/Security' will accompany you to your child's classroom for your tour to begin.
Please return the RSVP slip below so we can prepare ahead of time for your arrival.

RSVP SLIP - please sign your name below and return to your LA teacher:

Yes, I am attending the 3/4 Elaborate Expo - ____________________________

No, I am unable to attend the 3/4 Elaborate Expo - ___________________________