Fannin County

Head Start Annual Report 2020-2021

Bailey Inglish Early Childhood Center

201 East 10th Street

Bonham, TX 75418

Bonham Independent School District


To provide an ideal learning environment and developmentally appropriate education for young children, to provide a pleasant place for employees to work, and to provide a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for parents, businesses, and community members.

Mission Statement

To provide young children with an ideal learning environment...


  • Educates students, staff, and community
  • Seeks innovative money sources while using efficient spending measures
  • Plans for improvement
  • Involves parents & businesses
  • Assesses students' individual needs

SO THAT: Everyone's needs are fulfilled, potentials are reached, and happy productive citizens are developed.

Program Description

Fannin County Head Start in Bonham ISD is the grantee for the federally funded Head Start center-based services located in the Bailey Inglish Early Childhood Center. This program serves multiple communities and municipalities within Fannin County. The program continues to provide excellent services to income-eligible 3 & 4-year-olds and their families through a comprehensive approach as outlined in the Head Start Performance Standards. These services address the areas of health, mental health, nutrition, parental involvement, social services, and education.


We are currently funded for 139 children, but due to COVID we have not met full enrollment. We are up from last year when we had only 90 students. We currently have 117 students enrolled in 6 classrooms at the Bailey Inglish Childhood Center through a concurrently integrated prekindergarten program in Bonham ISD. Children and families who qualified for the program met specific eligibility qualifications as outlined by the Head Start requirements.

Eligibility Data

The following chart outlines the eligibility data for this cumulative enrollment of
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Age Breakdown

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Family Characteristics

A total of 104 families were enrolled in the program. At enrollment,46 were two-parent families and 58 were one-parent families.
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Language Spoken At Home

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Ethnicity & Race

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Family Services - Parent Engagement

From the very first meeting with the family, parents are offered a variety of opportunities to be involved in their child's preschool experience. They attend parent meetings, serve on Policy Council, Health Advisory Council, and Education Committee. Parents are always encouraged to participate in the classroom by helping to plan and lead activities or projects, attend field trips, or share their culture with the class. They also support teaching staff by reinforcing lessons and collaborating on projects at home to further promote school readiness. They participate in a minimum of teacher home visits and two parent/ teacher conferences. As their child's first and most important teacher, parents have an important role in helping their children to prepare for school and a lifetime of academic success. FCHS consults with parents in establishing school readiness goals for their individual child. We reached out to Spanish speaking parents in their language to help them feel included in activities and meetings by providing interpreters and culturally sensitive activities, In addition to regular meetings. other activities included Backpack Program, National Night Out, Pumpkin Carving, Reading Under the Stars, Drive-In Movie Event, Holiday Parade, Head Start 500, Cinco de Mayo celebration, and Graduation. Families are encouraged to attend.

Health Services

Each child is required to have a physical and dental examination within 90 days of enrollment into the program. Fannin County Head Start is committed to providing equal opportunities for all participating children in order to facilitate continuous, positive learning and development. (This is taken from the 2020-21 PIR Data)

Nutrition Services

Fannin County Head Start provides approximately 318 meals daily through BISD and the USDA School Lunch Program. Through this program, FCHS is able to provide a nutritional breakfast and lunch for each child. Served family-style, these meals also provide an opportunity to promote learning and development through teacher-child interactions, communication, and socialization.


A primary function of the BISD-Bailey Inglish Early Childhood Center program is to promote school readiness. The Bailey Inglish program provides children with an early learning experience that equips them with the prerequisite, foundational skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. This includes promoting school readiness goals and high-quality program implementation that aligns with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Texas Prekindergarten guidelines. Teachers focus on areas of learning that are essential for success and include the following learning domains: Social and Emotional Development, Language and Literacy, Cognition, and Science. Teachers make home visits and schedule parent conferences to support parents in this effort and to discuss student progress. Kindergarten transition is coordinated with local school districts through scheduled activities that support families with this change. Head Start/PreK teachers and kindergarten teachers meet at least twice per year to discuss school readiness goals and to help align curriculum with the local school district. The local school districts assist parents with kindergarten registration at local “Registration Roundups”. Bailey Inglish holds an end of year transition Parent Meeting at the local elementary school that the majority of the children will attend. Bailey Inglish uses the Circle Progress Monitoring System to monitor progress throughout the school year. This is an approved PreK progress monitoring instrument that is part of the CLI Engage platform. These are results for the 2020- 2021 school year and provides goal tracking for school readiness (% of children meeting benchmarks).



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Race & Ethnicity - Non Supervisory Staff

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2020-2021 Funding

In FY 2020-2021, the Fannin County Head Start program was awarded a total of $1,019,167 in federal funding for the base grant with additional amounts including $75,039 in COLA & Quality Improvement (used to cover salary/ fringe benefit raises and add an additional Head Start Counselor position), $122,154 for one-time COVID Relief funding, and an additional $8,585 for Summer School Program funding. The Non-Federal Share portion was $254,792. the total proposed budget for FYI 2020-2021 is $1,216,360. With the ongoing support of Bonham ISD, Fannin County Head Start has successfully maintained a strong and effective program that is helping to positively shape our community even amid a global pandemic.

12 month Annual Operating Budget

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Financial Audit

The 2020-2021 Bonham ISD Financial Audit was conducted by McClanahan and Holmes, LLP. Findings indicate the Bonham ISD was in compliance with all applicable federal laws for the year ending on June 30, 2021. This is the most current audit at the time of this report. A copy is available online at

Community Partners

Fannin County Head Start maintains ongoing partnerships with various organizations throughout the community. These are important relationships that contribute to the great services provided to the children and families who participate in the Head Start program in BISD Bailey Inlgish Early Childhood center.

Health and Human Services Commission - HHSC

Texoma Community Center

MAXIMUS - Texas Health Step Program


Garlinda Rushing, Nutrition Consultant

Getting Ahead Parents Program

Horatio Dental

Sunshine Dental

Jubilee Dental

April Daniel, Health Professional

Fannin County Pastorial Alliance

Texoma Housing Partners

Fannin Literacy Council

Bonham Public Library

Bonham Area Chamber of Commerce

First United Methodist Church - Bonham

Workforce Solutions Texoma

Fannin County Children's Center

Fannin County Texas AgriLife Extension

Solid Rock Church

Fannin Health Clinic

Open Arms Homeless Shelter