Greene Co Intermediate PBIS Update

Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports

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What is School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports?

School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a positive discipline plan for the entire school where the approach is to proactively prevent or reduce challenging behaviors and produce positive outcomes (Turnbull et al., 2002).

The focus of this approach is to make problem behavior less effective and desired behavior more relevant. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, discipline is “training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behaviors, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.” This is the focus of SW-PBIS. School-wide PBIS works under the assumption that like reading and math, behavior can be taught.

PBIS seeks to create positive environments by utilizing proactive strategies such as introducing, defining, modeling, teaching, and supporting positive behavioral expectations school-wide and then reinforcing and rewarding students for these positive social behaviors (Scott et al., 2002). It is about creating positive school environments so that all children feel safe and can learn.

Links to additional Information about PBIS

There are many ways PBIS can look in a school and system. I have found a few links that might help understand what PBIS is all about. The links provided below are a few of many that are out there for districts, schools, parents, students. Take a look.


I wanted to capture for GCIS families where we have been with PBIS and where we are going in our work with PBIS. Below I attempt to share with you what PBIS looks like at GCIS. We are currently in year 3 of implementation. We are continually refining and being responsive to the needs of our students related to this work. I believe our learning will never reach a finished state related to PBIS. Each year we get a new batch of students that cause us to consider how to best meet their needs. Below are components to our process.

PBIS Training Days:

Occur at the beginning of the year, after winter break, and as needed for small groups, individuals, whole classes, or even entire grade levels. These retrainings are based on collected behavior and needs.

Key Cards:

Students earn these for demonstrating positive behaviors throughout the building. These are issued from all staff in the building.

Homeroom Key Card Goal:

Students in homerooms set goals of a key card total to earn throughout an 8 week period of time. The keys go into a bucket in the classroom. Teachers pull students for lunch dates weekly, and other classroom incentives.

Key Player Nominations:

Homeroom teachers, along with grade level teams, and specials teachers nominate a boy and girl from each homeroom weekly. These are announced on Fridays and posted in the GCIS Weekly News.

Private Dining Update:

Students that are not demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors in the lunchroom will be given a verbal warning along with a redirect/reminder/reteaching of the desired behavior we are looking for from students in that area. If students are still struggling with behaviors, students will be issued a private dinning ticket, removed from the lunchroom to finish lunch in a different location, and the homeroom teacher will be notified to follow up with parents and families.

Recess Update Tickets:

Students that are struggling with demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors at recess will be given a verbal warning, along with a redirect/reminder/reteaching of desired behaviors. Students that still struggle will take a break from the recess action and owe 5 minutes. If students still struggle, will be given a recess update ticket and the homeroom teacher will make contact with parents and families.

Next PBIS Incentive Day Scheduled for Friday December 18th

GCIS will be having a dance party for each grade level.

4th- 12:00-1:00

5th- 1:00-2:00

6th- 2:00-3:00

Students will be working at their key card totals in the classroom. (Ask your student what their homeroom total is!)

If students earn a combination of 3 recess/private dining updates in either the lunchroom or recess we will have an alternative location for them to work on a quiet activity in one of their grade level teachers homerooms.

Thanks So much for your support at our efforts of safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors for all Students!