Remembering the Holocaust

Ally Motts and Megan Kelly


Hitler youth was created for young German children. The movement was mandatory and these young naive children were fed information. To them, the Hitler youth movement had the same importance as school. At all times, Hitler was often found preparing these young boys for war, starting at the age of ten. Anti- Semitism was the start of the dislike towards the Jews, it went so far that it was the policy of Germany. The Nuremberg race laws were put into place in 1935, in which the Nazis announced new laws which institutionalized the existing racial theories. These discluded from mixed relationships with the Jewish and anyone who was a German. The hatred towards Jews in this stage can relate to Donald Trump in a way because he is classifying people by their race or ethnicity and speaking against them, and how much he dislikes them.


Shortly after the invasion of Poland, the Nazis required all Jewish people to wear David's star. These were yellow badges with the star outlined in black. Along with this, the Nazis had made pink triangle badges for the homosexuals. The Germans had the symbol of the swastika which was for the Nazi party.

People in today's society label gay people by the way they dress, and the way they sound when they talk. We also label Muslims to be terrorists because of all the fighting that has gone on in different countries with ISIS and other areas. It has come to the extent of posting on social media that when people are around Muslims they will publicly harass them just because of the way the dress and the way they are labeled.


The dehumanization began with the nazi party labeling the Jewish as the “inferior race.” Their basic human rights were stripped away as they replaced them with Nuremberg laws, which were set in place to restrict Jewish people. These laws included the ban of ‘mixed relationships’ between the Jewish and anyone with German roots. It also restricted movement from around the country, and enforced a strict curfew for Jews. Along with this, the Nazi group got the whole country to start boycotting local businesses run by the Jewish.

Although America has previously passed laws allowing gays to marry legally in all states, it wasn’t that way before. This law gave gays their rights as citizens to marry whomever they choose to marry. This means that they were not given the same civil rights that other people were who lived in the same country.


The Nazi party, particularly the Schutzstaffel (SS) organized the genocide, this group was the private army of the party. Hitler named a group of people the “Gestapos” whose main jobs were to identify and pursue the enemies in any setting. The Nazi party expanded their power and built concentration camps, along with formatting ghettos.

Recently ISIS has been terrorizing the Middle East for numerous years, and the group that they have organized is committing mass murder.


Nuremberg laws prevented interracial marriage. The German schools began preaching that the Jewish should be excluded from public schools and communities. They also blamed the Jews for all the economic and social problems in the country. Germans were supporting the hatred of the Jewish. Jewish people were driven apart from their houses and torn apart from their families and old lives.

The same idea with legalizing gay marriage can apply here as well, just as the Nuremberg laws prevented interracial marriage, there was no law passed that there could be same-sex marriage in the United States.


The Gestapo group would round up and send the Jews to either death camps or concentration camps where they were all forced to stay. Jews were sent to concentration camps, but if you didn’t meet the needs to work you would be transferred to a death camp. The night of broken glass was on November 9th, 1938. This was when the Nazi party organized that the Jewish businesses and houses were destroyed by breaking glass windows and panels. They also robbed the Jews of all their valuables after being sent away. During the Wannsee Conference, the Nazi party planned the final solution, to exterminate the population of minorities and Jews.

In the early 2000's the Darfur genocide showed extreme preparation, due to the building of camps and transporting the people they were taking captive to those camps. They would then rape, slaughter, and starve their prisoners.


The Nazi party’s extermination plan consisted of turning concentration camps deadly “on accident” and creating death camps. Other extermination ideas included firing squads, death marches, gas chambers, eugenics and being overworked in the horrible conditions.

The actual killing that ISIS is committing would be forms of extermination because they are taking people and holding them captive, and then murdering them. Over 300 were killed for their religion alone.


Lots of denial came across when it was judgement time for the Nazi party. During the Nuremberg trials, almost every participant blamed someone or something else for their actions, a common excuse was blaming the dead guy, which was Hitler in this case. Many claimed “they were just following orders” and even some of the co-leaders of the party still continued to blame Hitler and not taking the blame themselves. Also, there were mass graves that were made for the Jewish bodies because they felt there was a reason to hide the evidence.

Denial can be found in any court, and although it doesn't have to be against genocide most are against committing a murder. There are people who go to court and are found guilty yet still refuse to say that they killed a person, and just blame it on someone else, or say that they didn't know what was going on at that point in time.


The importance of learning the holocaust is so that families can learn their history, and so that we’re not destined to repeat the tragic things that happened during that time period. All students are taught World War II at some point in their lives, and The Holocaust is apart of that time period and apart of the war. So it should be taught with that, and just as the same as all the wars that are taught, since everything taught has an importance behind it. Overall it is important to learn all aspects of history including the parts that people question, so more people are aware of what their countries have been involved in and how in has impacted so many people at one point.


Lessons that can be learned from this is that certain forms of government are worse than others, which is already known, but having an epidemic to back that up helps people really understand further. The form of government would be dictatorship because that's what Hitler was, he was a dictator. It also teaches people that these things happen, that it was not an accident that all these Jews were killed, although it has been denied by those that committed the act. It also allows the youth to learn their history because if it isn't learned it will repeat itself, so by teaching it, it allows students to learn how to prevent things like this from happening again.