Life of a Perch

Perch Dissection Jennifer Dong April 2, 2014 GUZMAN-P7

Today's Objectives:

Students will dissect a perch in order to learn the internal location of a variety of different organs and understand how the different organ systems are interrelated. Moreover, students will observe the perch’s aquatic ecological adaptations and understand the niche this organism plays in its natural ecosystem.

Ecological Niche Overview

Many animals on both land and water consume perch as an important part of their diet. Perch also play a role in regulating the population of many organisms such as zooplankton by feeding on them so they do not grow out of check.

Ecological Adaptations Synopsis

Perch are slow swimmers so in order to escape predators, they have developed the behavioral adaption of swimming in schools. The esophagus opening, called the gullet, is very elastic and allows the perch to swallow organisms whole. The mouth is located at the very tip of the fish, allowing the perch to feed off the ground.

Evolutionary Relationships of a Perch

Circulatory System: At a Glance

The circulatory system of a perch is a closed, single loop circuit and blood flows in one direction. After the blood has been pumped throughout the perch's body, it returns back to the atrium as deoxygenated blood. The ventricle pumps this blood to the gills. The gills, which is part of the respiratory system, releases the carbon dioxide in the blood and supplies the blood with oxygen. The oxygenated blood is once more carried throughout the body by the aorta and the systematic capillaries and the oxygen is eventually depleted again.

Taxonomy Breakdown

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Perciformes

Family: Percidae

Genus: Perca

Species: Flavescens

Bonus Fun Facts

Did you know...

*Only the first spine of the second dorsal is very sharp.

*Larger perch eat other smaller perch.

*Perch breed in the late spring.

*Soft weed beds are the ideal location for a perch to lay its eggs.

*The common length is 7-10 inches, but some may even reach 19 inches.

Perch Dissection

Human Impact

People fish perch for meals, to on the local market, or just as a recreational sport.