T.Berry Brazelton

Lindsey Norman and Stacey Whittington

Background/ biographical information

T.Berry Brazelton was born in Waco Texas on May 10th 1918. He went to Princeton university. Brazelton wrote 30 books on child development and parenting. Dr. Brazelton contributed understanding of new borns on their behavior and their temperament.

"The baby whisperer" social/emotional/physical

Created an evaluation tool used worldwide, that asses physical and nevrological vesponses and emotional well being of newborns. A child starts doing something new after an old predictable behavior steps.

Touch print

From birth- age 3 they go through predictable development leap.

From age 4-6 they go through tumultuos launch.

The example

When a child starts walking after there steps crawling. So when your child stops one action they start to develop and grow. They start doing different actions as they get older and learn different actions.