Leadership Insights

"The Angel of the Lord"

We Are Not Alone!

One of the most incredible statements of the Word of God is that be kind to strangers, for you know not that you entertain angels. They are everywhere and sometimes you have run into them. They could be a stranger that you run into on a jog in the morning or just a random person you run into in the mall. However, we are not alone :)

One of the promises of God is that the Angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear him. (Psalm 34:7) When you honor and revere the Lord, the Angel of the Lord is around. A few interesting facts about the Angel of the Lord.

1. The Angel of the Lord is in a higher class than us. Ps. 8:5

2. The Angel of the Lord casts out the enemy little by little. Ex. 13

3. The Angel of the Lord can bless and change your life. Gen. 32

4. The Angel of the Lord looks into the preaching of the gospel 1 Peter 1:12

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