The Bullsnake

By: Wyatt Hudson


My animal is the Bullsnake why it could become endangered and why there an important part of the envierment.

Some reasons why we need the Bullsnake

Bullsnakes are a common predator to rabbits, mice, rats, big insects, and enough small fish if they can catch them in water. The reason I say this is because the snake controls the species numbers to an even level in an area to stop over population and also reduces the chance of diseases and sicknesses.

What's causing this species to become endangered?

What could happen in the next 50 years? (Conclusion)

Bullsnakes in the next 50 years could become a highly endangered species caused by the reason above and in the next 100 years could become extinct form the growth of human civilization and fragmentation mostly caused by us. The loss of the Bullsnake could also turn to increasing numbers it rodents like mice and rats which are unwanted by humans in there areas and homes.