7 Principles of Government

By:James Nelson and David Harris

Popular Sovereignty

Popular sovereignty is a government in which people rule. It is used in the constitution when the say "We the poeple of the United States."People rule the government by voting and giving power to certain individuals


Federalism is a system of government in which power is divided. In the constitution it says that certain powers are assigned to the national government.The three branches of government are a good representation of this.

Checks and Balences

Checks and Balences means that each branch of government can exercise certain controls over the other branches. In the constitution it says "power should be a check to power." For example if one branch got out of control the other two could control it.

Individual Rights

Individual Rights are personal liberties and privileges.This is listed in the Bill of Rights.Some Individual Rights include life, liberty, and the persuit of hapiness.