Updates from the Primrose Library

January 2020

Hello Primrose Families!

The members of the News Committee from our 3rd Grade Library Council recently met. The students reported library news to each classroom and wrote the following updates for families.

Happy Reading!

Miss O'Kane

Library News

We convinced our teachers to get a 2nd rug for the library to fit our growing bodies. Next Wednesday night there will be unplugged coding activities in the library. Try to stop by.

- Andre & Owen

Book Love


The number of books overdue is 315.Lets reduce that number!

- Eleanor & Maddie


It's getting closer. The third graders are voting for the RICBA award! Bob, Front desk, and Saving Winslow are just a few of the popular RICBA books here at PHS.In February each third grader will get too enter 1 vote then we will wait for the winner.We all are very excited to vote for the PHS RICBA book award!

- Anna & Abby

A Look Ahead

In kindergarten they will be learning about this years winner of the caldecott award.1st grade will be on Who Would Win projects.

- Alice, Alivia, AJ