Cost of Parenthood

By Delvin White

Baby Clothes

Recommendation- Get Stiffed up jammies appropriate for sleeping and playing

Tip- Some babies never need newborn sizes they go straight to 3 months


Recommendation- Use a changing pad, floor, or bed but keep your hands on the baby at all times

Tip- Make your own wipes or use washcloths with warm water

Baby Gears

Recommendation- When having straps or slings make sure all of them are secured tight

Tip- Check car seats for expiration dates that's on a sticker

Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding

Recommendation- Get burp clothes to catch all the food they spit back up

Tip- Some kids need 8 ounces of milk instead of the standard 6 ounces


Recommendation- Rubber tip or plastic spoons are easier on baby gums

Tip- You don't have to buy a freestanding high chair to feed your baby

Baby soothers, Toys, and entertainment

Recommendation- Young babies who aren't mobile yet should have a play mat

Tip- Chunky picture books are a good way to introduce reading at a early age


Recommendation- 3 to 5 fitted crib sheets and waterproof crib pad is very useful

Tips- When buying, look for a sturdy crib with slats that aren't too far apart


Recommendations- Watch out for the biggest household dangers for newborns and childproof your home

Tip- Cover exposed outlets and block stairs that go down


Recommendation- See what to keep in your first aid kit

Tip- Use saline drops to clear your babies stuffy nose