Credit: The Game

Credit $coring and Comparing the Co$t of Credit

How Credit is $cored

Your credit score is formed by your particular lender. Most good credit scores are between 600 and 750.

What Impact$ Your Credit $core?

Your credit score is effected by total debt, late payments, type of account and how many accounts, etc.

Pro$ for Using Credit

A good thing about using credit and a credit card is it is very fast to access and use. It is also easy to keep track of with your purchases since you get a credit statement each month.

Con$ for Using Credit

Using credit all the time can be risky though. By using credit it is easier for hackers to get into your account. Unlike debit, credit must also be paid for at the end of each month. You must have your whole bill paid for before the grace period runs out or you will be fined.