A Peek Inside Room 12

September Newsletter

Lots of Learning!

Reading: Students are on our final week of the first unit of Journeys. They have read about teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. I have seen them already start to grow as learners applying the reading strategies of checking for understanding, backing up to reread, and more. We will continue to work on analyzing texts moving forward into the next unit.

Writing: We have been working on fictional narrative this unit. Students are writing a culminating piece that we will edit and revise this week. They are working to include the parts of a good narrative, including sensory details, dialogue, and voice to their characters. We have also started working on writing based on our reading, where they are expected to form an opinion and back it up with evidence (quotes) from the text.

Math: We completed our first unit in math about numbers to millions. Now we are working on decimals and fraction units, base ten multiplication and division, as well as adding and subtracting decimals and fraction units.

Social Studies: We have been learning about colonization the last four weeks and the reasons for migrating to North America. We will finish up the unit this week working on more map skills.

Science: We will kick off our first science unit about the nature of science. Students will be learning and keeping their information in an interactive notebook. Students will be engaging in labs as well as reading scientific and technical texts.

What's Happening?

September 20: PTO Meeting

October 6-7: Teacher In-service (No School)

October 13: Read Night

October 19-20: Parent-Teacher Conference (Watch for a sign-up in your email when we get closer to the date)

October 21: No School

October 31: Halloween

November 15: STEM Night

Class Dojo and Bucket Fillers

Students have been doing an exceptional job being respectful and responsible. They seem to really enjoy using Class Dojo to award positive points. They have also been reporting to me when they notice each other saying, "_____________ came to see if I wanted to play with them at recess when I didn't have anyone. I think they should get a dojo point!" If you have connected you will also notice that I have a class story where I can share some of what we are doing in class. There is also student stories where they will be able to start uploading their own work. So cool!

Students will be able to "cash in" their dojo points for some different rewards. As a class they decided on the following:

10 points - Chew Gum in Class

20 points - Bring a Stuffy or Wear a Hat

25 points - Use the Squishy Chair

30 points - Switch Desks

40 points - Show and Tell

50 points - Eat Lunch with Mrs. K

60 points - Use your own electronics (e-reader, school appropriate game, etc)

Students can also recognize the kindness acts of each other by filling out Bucket Fillers. These are just simple papers where they say what they notice positive about each other. They love filling them out and getting them!

We Love Volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, Mrs. Griggs (our room mom) has set up a SignUpGenuis account for our classroom.