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You will need the aromatic oils

What is aromatherapy can help? There are different methods of aromatherapy. In our case, we can help: aromatherapy and rubbing, aromabath, incenses. Essential oils nowadays are very accessible. So that difficulties with the acquisition of the following means, you will not have.

Kyle Leon Scam - You will need the following aromatic oils: oil of nutmeg, lemon, tea tree, guarana, geranium, grapefruit, bergamot and cinnamon. Care should be at the height of these oils when mixed. We give examples of the correct use of aromatic oils in our case is not easy.

For everyday use you will need your favorite lotion or body cream. Remember that you cannot use those cosmetics, which are present in the composition of mineral oils. They form a film and prevent the absorption of essential oils.

Add your chosen means any of the following oils: geranium, cinnamon, nutmeg and tea tree (no more than 6 drops of each). All should be good to mix or shake. Rubbed into the skin in circular massaging movements 1-2 times a day.

But you adopt a few more recipes beautiful figure!
"Miss Universe" needs a shower gel, oil of geranium and bergamot. Add to shower gel 4 drops - geranium and bergamot as much (payment per 100ml.) Shake well. Take a scourer or a massage glove. Massaging the problem areas in a circular motion. Thoroughly wash gel body wet towel and apply yourself milk (cream) cooked up a prescription, or containing 15 drops of grapefruit oil.

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