Why Modelling Is Used

By Lucy Miles

Why modelling is used for rollercoasters:

Modelling is used for rollercoasters to check the safeness of the rollercoaster, they can check how much weight each rollercoaster can carry. They can also edit it if there is something they want to change, this means it will cost less money instead of having to pay millions of pounds to make a rollercoaster and just start all over again. Another reason they use modelling for rollercoasters is to check how much the materials could cost etc.

Why modelling is used for kitchens:

The main reason modelling is used for kitchens is so that you can preview the whole kitchen to whoever wants their kitchen re-decorated. Also you can see roughly how much everything is going to cost. Another reason why they model it is so they don't have to make the whole kitchen to find out the person doesn't like it, then they would have to restart costing lots more money than it could be.

Why modelling is used for films:

Modelling is used for films to preview characters in animation. When a character has been created with modelling you can have the character look the same in every scene, where as if you were making a film out of clay it would be much more difficult to get the character to look the same every single time.