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Welcome to week 8! 10/17/2016

Week 7 Reflection

Last week we focused a great deal on getting our in house data system "on the road". We are off to a wonderful start in collecting the type of data that will keep us informed on how our students are performing as well as whether or not our students are growing over time! This week, we will hold the first of our formal data meetings where GLCs and teams will present their performance on TC1 and discuss next steps in student performance.

Our daily DMQ data will be a major focus this week as well. Hans has done a wonderful job of getting the reusable scan sheets printed and laminated. We will now be able to measure the strength of our individual teacher first instruction by learning objective. Be certain to train your group leaders on scanning the answer documents into GradeCam to save time.

Instructional Focus: Increasing Student Engagement

Have you ever wondered why some students just "get it" and others never seem to understand concepts the very first time that they are taught? Often times, the level of student engagement plays a major part in how much information students retain. This week, we will be using our Student Engagement Meter to measure the amount of student engagement going on in each of our classrooms. If you don't have your copy, review it here:

You will be provided with specific feedback regarding your observed level of engagement. Once you receive your feedback, be certain to complete the reflection on the form and return to the classroom observer. You can review the feedback form here:

Remember to use those MRSs!!

Moments: Green Team Club Spotlight

The Duncanville Education Foundation 5K

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Collegiate Sweaters are Back by Popular Demand

We will be taking orders for the purchase of the collegiate sweaters. If you do not have one, but would like to purchase one, the sweater cost is $35. The more we order, the less the price will be.

Please send your sweater request and size in using the link below by 10/20/2016. Payment will be due on 10/26/2016.

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