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Shane Kunesh


4 highest paid legal careers:

  1. Trial lawyer
  2. Chief legal officer
  3. Judge
  4. Law school professor

Education and Training

  1. Need to go to law school
  2. Need to be approved by the American Bar Association
  3. Not all law schools are American Bar Association
  4. Have to take law school admissions test
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Practice Environments

  1. Law firm - high salary
  2. Well credentialed colleagues
  3. Challenging work
  4. Large diverse client base
  5. Firm resources
  6. Large support staff
  7. Global perspective
  8. well developed training programs

Bankruptcy Administrators

There are administrators for bankruptcy:

  1. Alabama
  2. North Carolina
  3. Middle district of Alabama
  4. Middle district of North Carolina
  5. Southern district of Alabama
  6. Southern district of North Carolina

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Forms for bankruptcy


  1. Official forms
  2. Procedural Forms and Instructions
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What I learned from the speaker


  1. She has been in the law business for a long time
  2. She went to college at Madison
  3. Has a large amount of student debt
  4. Likes the job that she has
  5. Isn't in it just for the money
  6. Enjoy's helping people