Troop E226 Weekly Update

Week 18

Important Dates and Schedules

Important Dates:

4/10- First day back from break

4/14- Zombie Day

Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Music (10:00-10:40)

Tuesday: P.E. (10:00-10:40)


Thursday: Music (10:00-10:40)

Library (11:00-11:30)

Friday: P.E. (10:00-10:40)

Art (11:00-11:45)

Visual Field Trip (At School) (11:45-12:15)

Stay Connected with What We Are Working on In Class...

Are you looking to see what your child is doing each day in class or what types of rigorous assignments they are working on?

Please visit our Google Classroom often. Your child will sign-in through their Cloud and click on the Google Classroom Icon.

We use Google Classroom almost daily. This is where I post assignments for students to work on whole group, independently and with partners. There are several times that the students are unable to complete the assignment entirely, due to time. We encourage the students to take responsibility for their learning by completing unfinished work at home . This is a great opportunity for your child to share their learning with you. Our unit seatwork covers most standards being taught in class and continues to spiral them throughout the year.

This Week in the Classroom...

  • Maker Space: Students will be working on a design thinking challenge with the use of our Little Bits. Pictures to come...
  • Language Arts- This week, we will continue working on our unit about weather. The class will begin working on their weather research project (in class assignment). We will begin with questioning and creating essential questions to use to guide our research. Students will use kid friendly search engines to complete their research and began writing their informative writing piece. Your child can access their Benchmark booklet and reading passages from their Cloud.
  • Math -This week in math, students will continue to tell and write time to the nearest minute and measure time intervals in minutes. We will be solving word problems involving addition and subtraction and representing the time intervals on a number line. In addition, we will start to explore quadrilaterals and shapes. Khan Academy is a great resource for students who are struggling with their math or want extra practice.
  • Writing - Students are writing an informative paper with the information they gathered through their research.