African Americans

The History

How were they portrayed?

The African Americans were portrayed as useless after slavery was no longer allowed. During the time periods of the 1940's and early 1950's African American views very stereotypical, they were viewed as lazy, and also idiotic/stupid.

Why they came to America

The African Americans came to the United States by a forced immigration by the Europeans. The main purpose fort he immigration was to use the African Americans as Slaves. The Africans first appearance to America was in 1619.

"We Weren't pushing Black is Beautiful. We just showed it." - Katherine Dunham

"Black is beautiful"

The "Black is Beautiful" movement was started by Steve Biko to help the people of color realize that they were just as beautiful and worthy as the whites. (People of color include: blacks, hispanics, asians, and others who are not perceived as white). The movement helped many racial backgrounds ,specifically blacks, ignore the negative views and standards of the world. The movement changed how the group was portrayed by creating more television shows, magazines ,artist/musicians ,and also movies that included blacks. As a result of the movement 2 specific magazines were created only honoring blacks for their rewardable acts. These two magazines were named Essence and Ebony.