Brill Happenings


Upcoming Dates


21st MLK Holiday

24th Pizza 4U Spirit Night

28th Author Visit Nathan Hale

Week of 28th- Kindess Week


All Month- Bronco Pass Ice Cream Treat

8th Bronco Pass Movie Day 1:30 PM

8th Father/Daughter Dance sponsored by PTO

14th- Lunch with a loved one & Book Fair Kick Off

Please join us on February 27th for a Community Conversation with Dr. Champion @Brill 7:00 PM

Thank You Champion Forest Women's Club!

A huge shout out and thank you to the Champion Forest Women's Club who generously donated $2000.00 to our campus. This amazing group of women also donated funds to Kleb and Klein High. We are extremely blessed to partner with you and cannot thank you for always being one of our biggest supporters!

With Bronco Pride,

Sandra Speer, Principal

Bell Reminders

7:40 Pre K students & breakfast eaters may enter

7:45 All students may enter the building

8:05 Tardy Bell

All students need to be in class prior to this time. After 8:05 parents must escort students into the building and sign them in.

Dismissal 3:25

Arrival Reminders

Parents we need your help. We are having a large number of students arriving right at or after the 8:05 tardy bell each day. Once the tardy bell rings, we promptly begin the academic day and students are missing valuable class time. Please make sure that you are allowing enough time to get through the car rider line here at school. The school opens at 7:40 to accept breakfast eaters and 7:45 for all other students.

Please remember that all schools are a phone free zone including the drop off and pick up lines. We know your time is valuable but we also need your full attention so that all students are safe when entering or exiting vehicles.

You may have also noticed signage that has been posted for no parking between 7:45 -8:45 and 2:45-3:45 along Wiltshire. We have had several near misses with students being dropped off and crossing in the middle of the street.

Please help us keep all students safe by entering the carpool line at Rutley and following the line around to the drop off entrance. If you have a student who needs to cross the street, please have them cross at one of the three crossing guards.

We appreciate all you do to help us each and every day.

Dismissal Reminders

Dismissal Notices:

If your child will be going home a different way, please let the FRONT OFFICE know right away. Telling the teacher is wonderful, but sometimes they can't check voicemail/email/Dojo until it is after school-your best option is always the main front office.

We ask that you have the call made by 2:00pm. If messages are not cleared or given in time, please know the teachers are trained to send kids home their regular way unless told otherwise by administration.

We must hear from you the parent if your child is going home with another adult. We CANNOT take a child's word for it when it comes to leaving school safely.

Counselor Corner

Happy New Year everyone! We have exciting things planned for our Spring semester at Brill! First, I’d like to thank every student that has submitted Kindness Cards this year. The feedback that we are receiving from everyone has been awesome. It is so fun to see the reaction from a student receiving a Kindness Card. It shows that being a caring and helpful person really does pay off. Keep up the great work!

This leads me into our next themed week…The Great Kindness Challenge! This will take place during the week of January 28th. Each student will receive a checklist of Kindness Challenges that they can complete throughout the week.

The goal for the upper grades (Gr 2-5) is to complete at least 40 out of 50 challenges. The goal for the younger grades (Pre-K – 1) is to complete at least 10 out of 12. Each student that can reach their goal will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

The Great Kindness Challenge is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. Need some tips? Take a look below for some ideas to encourage your student(s) to complete. Try some yourself, the best form of leadership is modeling, take this opportunity to show your student kindness can happen ANYWHERE!

1. Take a treat to your local firefighter or police officers.

2. Write a thank you not to your mail carrier.

3. Paint a picture and give it to someone.

4. Smile at 25 people.

5. Hug your sibling or friend.

6. Cut out 10 heart and leave them on 10 cars.

7. Leave a flower on someone’s doorstep.

8. Hold the door open for someone

Have a great month everyone!!!

Mr. Scherrman, Counselor

Clinic Reminders

KISD Policy for Birthday Snack orders/requests is 2 WEEKS advance notice, no exceptions.

Emergency Contact Information is REQUIRED for the nurses office. It is imperative that we be able to contact guardians in the event of your child being sick or in an emergency.

If your child has a temp of 100.0 or higher please keep them home until they are fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing (Tylenol, Motrin) medication.

Please be sure that your Kinder and 1st grade students are sent with an extra pair of clothes in case those unforeseen accidents happen.

Tips from the Pros

Check out the infographic above from For the Teachers, for ways to help your child with math at home. Math is literally everywhere in the world around us. Help your child see this by facilitating math conversations in everyday life.

Science is best learned with a hands-on approach for encouraging critical thinking skills and problem-solving. Experiments don’t just have to happen at school. Check out the link below for TONs of science experiments to do at home with your child.

Big picture