DreamBox Learning

Personalized Learning for Mathematics

Why Dreambox?

* Personalized --> Individualized --> Blended Learning

* View 'Getting Started' Clip for an overview of general features of DreamBox Learning.

* Navigate to HISD E-Learn using slide info. and locate additional DreamBox resources in Elem. Curriculum>Mathematics folder.

Dreambox Learning is an adaptive learning system for mathematics. It individualizes math content, difficulty, hints, pace, and sequence of lessons to match a student’s knowledge and learning level in a motivating learning environment. It contains rigorous instructional content—not just skill building or practice/drill. It scaffolds learning, gives immediate feedback and challenges students with the next 'just-right'lesson.

--> For Future Reference (at point of need):
Additional Topics & Resources @ http://schoolhelp.dreambox.com/

DreamBox Assessment

DreamBox analyzes and responds to every decision a student makes going beyond tracking if a student’s answer was right/wrong and assesses each student on about 60 different behaviors, including the amount of time it takes to solve problem, number of hints used, strategies to construct the answer to a problem.

What are students learning?

How does DreamBox align with TX-TEKS? TX-TEKS Standards Alignment

Underlying curriculum develops computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability, allowing students to enrich and deepen their mathematical thinking.

Learning Environment & Lesson Sequence

1. My House [view adv. friends, certificates earned for completing story lines, points earned in piggy bank which can be spent in arcade games, play with manipulatives used in lessons]

2. Carnival [problem-solving games progressing from levels—not curriculum based & designed to be a reward where kids can spend tokens]

3. Adventure Park [Adaptive lessons -->where kids should spend majority of time]

Review Lesson icons

  • Yellow icons: recommended new lessons
  • Green: completed lessons
  • Star signifies pre-test
  • Number on icons represents certain lessons—adapts to sequence for individual students and may work on multiple concepts w/in a lesson
  • Backpack: rewards earned
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Best Practices

How can my students maximize their progress in DreamBox Learning?

Teacher Tips: Setting Students Up for Success

Students should...

  1. Spend the majority of their time in Adventure Park.
  2. Focus and complete any NEW lessons –icons FLASHING YELLOW. Do at least 2-3 as routine.
  3. Complete each lesson, regardless of its difficulty. [Students are assessed by using data collected from their completed lessons]
  4. Work for a minimum of 20 min/session. [each lesson lasts 5-8 min].
  5. Recommended Usage: 60-90 minute sessions.
  6. Use HELP & HINT Buttons when needed for repeated directions & added scaffolding.

My House & My Carnival Restrictions

To limit & restrict areas to maximize time on-task learning new mathematics:


Login > My Account > My House/Carnival Restrictions > Edit>Click on days & times accessible