Romeo and juliet


Only each other to blame.

Despite the friar marrying them secretly, if Romeo and Juliet would have just slowed down their "love", neither one of them would have had to die so young. Romeo had just gotten over his previous "love" when he met Juliet and the friar told him " old tear that is not yet washed off yet:" (Shakespeare, 70). Telling him that he still isn't over Rosaline how could he be in love with Juliet. Another reason the deaths are only their own faults is that Juliet cares more about her husband than her own family. When talking about Tybalts death she tells her nurse "That villain cousin would have killed my husband" (Shakespeare, 102). Almost not caring her cousin is dead.
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"...I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for ya baby..."

If romeo and juliet would have been reasonable about their relationship and not have fallen in love with each other so fast and not cared about anything else then neither one of them would have had to die so young. They both wanted each other more than anything.