Mechanical Engineering

By: Trey Baeten

Facts about job

  1. Design and build things
  2. Studies gases, solids, liquid
  3. You earn $65,210
  4. Need a Bachelors Degree
  5. Need a license
  6. Plan and select methods
  7. Build new products
  8. Design blue prints
  9. Renew old products
  10. Fix problems

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

Pro Good pay.

Con Long hours

Pro good job opportunities

Con Traveling

Pro Good challenges.

Con Narrow workspaces

Colleges I can attend to

UW Madison:

Madison 500 Lincon drive

Cons: hard to get into, and too big

Pros: really good representation

UW Milwaukee

Milwaukee PO box 413

Pro: specifically for engineering

Con: live in Milwaukee

St. Louis university

One grand boulevard St.Louis MO

Pros: close to family

Cons: long way from home

organizations for this career


1 plexus way Neenah WI


It is a world wide company

Belmark, ink

600 heritage road de pere


Make labels


Do you like to fix things? Do you like to make $65,000a year? If you said yes to both of these questions then use to become a mechanical engineer! To become a mechanical engineer you need a bachelors degree and you need an engineering license. Mechanical engineers design machines cars chips etc. They need to plan and fix problems. Mechanical engineers work long hours, and they work five days of the week. Call 1-800-FIX-NOW or go to the website now for an application!