Why Choose TPCA for High School?

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Online Courses: Part I

Online classes are not new to adults. Online webinars have been a primary means of professional development for a few years now. But it is a newer opportunity for students within the high school setting. This week and next we will share why and how we deliver online instruction at Traders Point.

What is the most prevalent misconception about our online courses?

Some students and families believe that all or most of our high school classes are delivered online, with students managing their own learning with little or no teacher involvement. This perception could not be farther from the truth.

Traders Point faculty teach every course that students need to graduate with an honors or general Core 40 diploma as certified by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). Online courses are in addition to courses required for graduation; an added benefit of attending Traders. Many private schools say they follow state graduation guidelines, but they do not grant a diploma with an IDOE seal as we provide.

Why does Traders Point offer online courses?

Because we believe it is the best and right thing to do to prepare our students for God's call in their life. Students experience many benefits when they take an online course at Traders Point.

  • Our online courses are all fully accredited (ACSI, AdvancEd, NCAA) and fully integrated with biblical truth, including the AP courses.
  • Students experience high-level rigor and course relevance in taking high school, Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual-Credit courses (that provide both high school and early college credit).
  • They have an expansive list of course options that a school our size could not normally offer without increasing teacher workload or adding more learning space. They may take Just about any course they would want or need that is not already offered here.
  • Traders pays the online course fee for up to one course in grade 10, two in grade 11 and three in grade 12. Courses can transfer to most universities. With proper planning, students could graduate from Traders Point having earned from one to three semesters of college credit. This saves your family thousands of dollars in future tuition expense.
  • We can maintain our personalized learning philosophy by allowing students to take courses meeting their future goals within the school day with our faculty providing a blend of instruction and guidance.
  • They gain vital experience in time management and personal responsibility before college or joining the work force. This is one of the biggest factors in future college success.
  • Research shows that it is best practice for students to experience at least one online course while in high school. Colleges are incorporating more online instruction to reduce costs, and post-grad employment will certainly require online professional development as students continue to be lifelong learners.
  • Online courses are very popular with our students. This semester alone they are taking over 50 different courses through various partner colleges. They enjoy our teacher guidance combined with rigorous content, self-paced learning and breadth of course offerings.
For more details about our online partnerships click below to visit our website.
Before you know it, your 6th-8th grader will be in high school. We know you want a school that will not just fill them with information, but help them be wise. We want to make sure you know as much about our high school program as we do.

Each week we send you this enews sharing one tidbit about our classes, student and graduate accomplishments, facility updates, faculty bios - anything we think will help you to know WHY you would choose Traders for your child's high school. We already know and love your child and have built a program that is intentional about their academic and spiritual growth. What better place for them to become wise and fully prepared to fulfill God's plan for their life!