Emerald Sketch Peers connect Peers

Safely Connecting peers from Parkland, Fla and Santa Fe, TX

Safety & Social Connection: Teachers, Parents, and Children of all Ages Welcome

Enjoy this unique opportunity to safely connect with peers in Newtown, and if you have interest, from Parkland, Florida or Santa Fe, Texas. With the guidance of Nicole Porter Davis, Director of the Emerald Sketch, the goal of this group will be to establish and build upon creative coping strategies that do indeed help you or your child navigate through your daily routine, and uplift your well-being. Art therapy tasks will be facilitated for participants to create a working tool box for themselves, as well as for an appropriately matched peer from another tragedy stricken school community.

Emerald Sketch Art therapy from Newtown to the Nation

Originally established for the needs of your Sandy Hook School community, the Emerald Sketch Art therapy Response Team now serves numerous communities training clinicians and teachers where similar devastation and tragedy have struck.

Emerald Sketch A.R.T., Inc.

The global mission is to work with communities to heal symptoms of post traumatic stress and complex grief when devastated with unforeseeable tragedy.