Fifth Grade Classroom News

October 14, 2016

In the Classroom...

We continued "Topic 2 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals" this week. Our topic assessment will be on Thursday. See "websites" below for information on


Reading - We worked on determining cause and effect in short stories this week.

Conventions - Singular and Plural Nouns

Vocabulary Strategy - Homonyms and Context Clues

Spelling & Vocabulary - We finished up one sort today. We will begin a new sort on Tuesday. It is a short week, so our test will be the following Friday. See "websites" below for information on

Writing - "Animal with a problem" stories are into the editing phasel. We focused on excellent word choice this week!


We will finish up Native Americans next week and move into European Explorers.

Our Geography Spin this week was about Marine Biomes, Coral Reefs, and Oceans.

Students began their research on their chosen organism from one of the following biomes: Tundra, Taiga, Desert, Tropical Rain Forest, Temperate Rain Forest, Deciduous Forest, or Grasslands


The usernames and passwords for the following websites are in your child's planner: - Language Arts, Science, Socials Studies, and Math Practice

Math - H.1 - H.8 (Add and Subtract Decimals)

Language Arts - F.2 (Common and Proper Nouns)

These are not homework, but if your child has time, the lessons would be great practice and supplement what we are learning in class. - Spelling and Vocabulary

Next week's sorts are up and the games have been added under assignments. It is definitely not required, but your child is welcome to practice their words by playing these games at home.

Important Dates...

Friday, October 14th - Personalized Learning Plans went home in Friday Folders.

Monday, October 17th - Individual student pictures will be taken on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. before we leave for our field trip. Please have your child wear their uniforms.

Monday, October 17th - Our class field trip to "Rock the Presidents" at the Everett Civic Auditorium is on Monday! We will leave at 8:45 a.m. and return in time for lunch.

Tuesday, October 18th - Class pictures will be taken on Tuesday afternoon. Please have your child wear their uniforms.

Friday, October 21st - No School - Professional Development Day

Friday, October 28th - Trunk or Treat

Monday, October 31st - Classroom Halloween Party

Mrs. Lesley Bush