China Theme Park

Parker and Brett


A tram that rides through the desert on the silk road, Riders can "trade" their money for souvenirs. Just like the train ride at worlds of fun, bandits will attack and the merchants on the tram have to have a sword fight to drive away the bandits. Another ride will be a tube/ body water slide down Mt. Everest. Another ride would be the "Great wall of terror". Riders get in roller coaster cars and go in a tunnel that is pitch black. they will not know when the next turn or drop is, so they will be very scared. The last ride is a giant top that spins riders around.

Restaurants/ Gift shops/ activities

There will be restaurants called 中國自助餐 (Chinese Buffet.) They will sell rice, noodles, stir fry, tea, fish, and chicken. If someone doesn't like that kind of food, there will also be Burger Kings. In the gift shops, there will be tops, yo-yos, kites, toy dragons, toy swords and crossbows, bronze sculptures, oracle, and compasses. For activities/ events, there will be fireworks every night, and parades including dragons and lions.There could also be a maze made out of terra cotta soldiers. Shows include Kung-Fu demonstrations, lion dances, and you could watch someone make paper. When you walk in the park, at the front gate you give them all the money you plan on spending. you are then handed coins. These coins are modeled to look like ancient Chinese coins, and everything in the park is bought with the coins. There could be laser tag, where you play laser tag in a small version of an ancient Chinese village.

Government/ Religion

Yin/Yang jewelry could be sold in the gift shop and You could stay in temple themed hotels. There could also be an indoor kite park that has turf laid down and fans blowing so you could always fly a kite. You walk in and pay to rent a kite. it is 2 coins per kite per half hour.