What I've Learned

What I've Learned in the first half of the semester

Child Labour

In Asia Pacific there are over 122 million. 171 million Children all over the world within the age of 5-14. The number has been cut in half sense 2000. Child labour has been going on for as long as recorded. Child labour is the only way for some families to survive. The reason people use Child labour as an option is Children can get payed very little and makes the products way cheaper.

Child Labour is a huge problem!

The Children that are force to go to work have no other choice but to work to provide for there family's in horrible conditions with toxins and poisonous gases. Things that are safe for adults to be exposed to aren't always safe for children because of how young they are. The children make 10-20 cents a day that's only fifty five dollars a year. The average American makes $115 a day!

Save Our Environment!


The world has be come very dependent on electronics and we need the newest fastest electronic. Which forces the company's to create cheaper products and make there products die quicker so they can force you to buy more. To keep there products cheap they need to get more and more electronics that release toxins and destroy our environment

Save The Environment

Most people in American are plain lazy and can't be bothered with helping the environment. If you want to help save the environment here are some tips and things you can do. Replace your light bulbs for fluorescent bulbs. Turn off your computers at night. Take shorter showers and think about reusable water bottles. Use rechargeable batteries. Try to see if you can hand things that your done with down to someone you know or someone that could use it like clothes, phones, computers, etc

Google Draw

Using Google Draw for projects

Google Draw is a very easy way to show examples for a project that you might have or to create comics and maybe just for fun. Google Draw is great because it's for beginners and experts if your just starting out you can just create drawings or you could get into more expert things like combining shapes and linking objects to websites or even importing images.

Google Draw Experts

To add shadows to a Google Draw shapes create the same shape but make it black and slightly off center the object to add a "shadow effect". If you have a grouping of shapes together you can select every object click "Arrange" and click "Group" and then every shape will be one large object.