By: Brianna Donovan


The process of interaction, and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.
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Where is it made?

IPhone's are designed in California, but the parts to create the IPhone come from all over the world. One of the biggest corporations is China. Nine cites in China produce the most amount of the Apple produces.


The Economic issue about the IPhone is the amount of money is costs to pay the workers in China, where we can help out the people in America and create better quality things, for cheaper.


From spending so much money on paying the workers, the parts to the phone aren't as the best quality parts. The IPhones have many issues with them, and it could be because there isn't enough money.


Because we send ships across the globe to collect the parts, and the factories we use to make the parts. They are polluting the earth. It's becoming a environmental issue.


If we ever did start creating parts in America, it can become a issue for all the jobs lost in China. In China the fathers, or men work. Its their culture.


A big problem happening is we send jobs over to China, and forget there is issues in America for jobs. Finding a job to support a family is hard, and it isn't making things more help full to keep sending jobs over to China. Because a lot of thing are make there.


A pro is that, China is a lot bigger than America. They have bigger landscape, to have room to place the factories to make these produces.


A con is that, shipping the products over to America costs money, and takes time. Also, if America ever run out of the part, China is going to raise the price.


How Globalization relates to me is that, we produce only so much things here in America, I do wish soon, there is more and more things made here.