Julia R. Masterman School



Congratulations to Kyra Williams who has been selected as one of the January Office Depot Seniors of the Month!

Kyra will be recognized at the SRC Meeting on Thursday, January 21 at 5:30 p.m. at 440 N. Broad Street on the second floor in the auditorium. She will receive a check for $500.00 from Office Depot.

Join us in congratulating Kyra.

What's Going On?

Our musical, The Little Mermaid, will be performed on March 4th, 5th, and 6th. Students are currently rehearsing after school. On Monday, February 15th (Presidents' Day) there will be a dress rehearsal from 8:30am - 3:00pm at the school. Any questions, please contact Ms. Neu.

Legacy Fund and Technology Update

Our Legacy Campaign was a great success! We were able to raise over $70,000 from multiple sources. Thank you to our generous donors (parents and companies) for your relentless generosity. In light of some unexpected School District (SD) capital money, we were able to supplant funds needed for faculty laptops with SD money to support our faculty laptop drive. This means that the $70,000 will be used for much needed books and curriculum materials at Masterman. We will keep you updated on this front and provide you with a list of books that will be purchased. Furthermore, we received a Blended Learning Grant which will include receiving 6 laptop carts for our students' use. This carts will arrive sometime in the beginning of February.

We have also ordered a 3-D printer for our faculty and students to "play" with this year. It will reside in our computer lab. And, recently, a new Smartboard was installed in our 5th floor physics room, paid for by our LIndback grant.

Second Quarter Report Card Conferences

Second Quarter ends on February 10, 2016. We will be holding report card conferences on February 24th and February 25th from 1:00-3:00pm. As usual, this will be first-come-first served. We hope to see you there.

Future Endeavors

We are looking into a water filtration system for some of our water fountains. At a recent HSA meeting we discussed installing two filtration systems where students could fill up their water bottles with filtered water. We are looking for additional funding from donors who are interested in greening schools. We will need funding to retro-fit our fountains or completely install a system. We will keep you updated.

Do you want to volunteer at Masterman?

We are always looking for volunteers at the school or for special school and HSA events. If you are interested please contact the Janet Pinkerton at jepinkerton@gmail.com for more information. Thank you.