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The background info on panama

Panamas capital is Panama city, 2 major city's in panama are coco solo, and colón. Some of panamas history is it used to controlled by Colombia because the people wanted freedom, thats how it got its independence in 1821 and the official languege is Spanish.

Geographical info on panama

Panama is in central amarica bordering both carribian sea, and Pacific Ocean. 3 physical features are it surrounds the carribian ocean, it surrounds the Pacific Ocean, and it's between Columbia and coasta rica.

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Political and diplomacy info in panama

Their government type is constructional democracy, their leader is Ricardo martinelli beriocal. Panama is friends with United states, Canada, coasta rica, Netherlands, Sweden, China, and Italy because they trade with each other.

Ecominc and trade info for panama

The currency in panama is 5.064 billion dollars, the economic system is a judicial system. They import fuel products, medicens, vehicles, iron, and steel rods, and cellular phones. They import from the United states, China, and coasta rica. They export gold, bananas, shrimp, sugar, iron and metal waste, pineapples, and watermelons. They export with the United states, canida, coasta rica, neatherlands, sweeden, China, and Italy.

Tourist info for panama

People should visit panama to go to the beach and have a vacation in the nice blue warn water. Touris can go to the red frog beach, fishing, golfing, and learn about history.