Art Education 2014-2015

Teacher- Marie Solorzano

A little bit about myself!

My name is Marie Solorzano and I will be your child's Art Education teacher this year. Art has been a big part of my life and it taught me how to become the person I am today. As a young child I always loved to draw and as I became older it was a form of expressing myself. I had an amazing art teacher in high school who taught me to reach for my dreams and I hope I can do the same for your child. My mission is to teach your children about a positive way to release their energy and thoughts while learning about art history.

My art background and skills

I attended the University of Houston for the great art program and focus on the benefits of helping students succeed. While at U of H I learned all aspects of art from drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and print making. Along with several hours of art classes I also learned about art history, a big piece of knowledge everyone should know. All these skills I have learned I plan on using to teach your children all I know about art and how great it can be.

What to expect in class.

My plans for your children is to teach them to be creative, to express their thoughts and emotions, think out side the box and to have fun in an educational setting. We can make this happen through all forms of art. The children will learn about the artist of our past, how art has made history and the fun stuff like colors, painting, realism, sculpture, clay work and drawing.

A little peek into the first week of school.

During the first week of class we will get know one another and find out what they are looking to gain by taking this class. We will also start talking about the basics of drawing, which include learning about lines, shading and blending. Also plan on getting paperwork from your children on what is expected of them in class and what supplies they will need to bring.

School of Education- Art Department

I am always available to answer any questions you or your children may have. Please feel free to contact me. there are several ways you can reach me. The information is listed below and while your at it follow us on facebook, twitter and visit our website. Say in touch with everything that's going on in class.

Meet the Teacher

Wednesday, Sep. 24th, 4:30pm

School of Education

Save the date and stop by to meet the teacher and get a look at what they will be doing during the school year and ask any question you will have for the teacher.

See you there!

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