The title of the newspaper is "English Pervoye sentyabrya"

It’s published in Moscow

It’s issue (4/2005)

There are 50 pages in it.

Type newspapaer

It’s —a quality paper.
The information in the newspaper in reliable.
You can read about facts of science.

Main rubrics.

The main rubrics are: Life there, Language scills, Methods of teaching, Topics,

Home reading, Information, Read & discuss, For young readers, Classroom activities, British studies, Around Russia, Tests, Youth English Section, Information.


—You can use for your homework

There are some interesting rubrics in it:

Topics, GREAT EXPLORERS: Past , Present, and Future.


Some articles reveal the latest news in celebrities’ lives
I’d like to tell about the article GREAT EXPLORERS: Past , Present, and Future —in detail.
I’ve chosen it because it appeals to my interests
Some facts impressed me most of all Marco Polo arrived in China in the late 13 century.
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It is amazing in facts
I couldn’t help reading it because it was interesting and informatively.

—I’d like to recommend my family to read it.

You can buy it in the kiosk.

Unfortunately is rather dont popular in my family.