Saudi Arabia Information Flyer

By: Myra Stickney

Saudi Arabia

Saudi riyal is the only currency. (Economic)

Arabic is the national language spoken. (Social)

Under the rule of King and PM Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. (Political)

Desert climate results in dramatic changes in temperature, sand storms, and intense heat. (Geographic)

Iron ore, natural gas, crude oil, gold, and copper are the greatest natural resources. (Economic)

All public education is free, regardless of whether you are a girl or boy. (Social)

Right hands are for eating and gesturing, and it is highly improper to hand someone something with your left hand. (Social)

Alcohol consumption and eating pork are two things that are not allowed. (Social)

Boys are allowed to do things such as hawking and camel racing, while girls can only watch. (Social)

Islam is the only legal and official religion because Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the prophet, Muhammad. (Social)

Arabian peninsula is mostly made up of Saudi Arabia, even though it is only ¼ of the size of the US. (Geographic)

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