Author : Veronica Roth

Author Questions

The author is Veronica Roth , a "#1 New York Times Bestselling Author". She has written an entire Divergent series. The books are called:

  • Divergent
  • Insurgent
  • Allegiant
  • Four
I have read every book except for the book Four.

Protagonist vs Antagonist

The antagonist in this book is manly Bureau. Many might say that Marcus or Evelyn, but personally Bureau is the one causing the most problems against the protagonist. The protagonist is Tris. She is the main character and the person trying to fix all of the problems in this story.


I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys reading science fiction to read this series. All of these books are amazing. If you're like me , you might not have a huge imagination, but these books totally change that. You can imagine EVERYTHING happening as you read. They just pull you in and you never want them to end. I suggest everyone to read these books.

Short plot

In the previous books , you would understand that Tris has just unlocked a very important video. It tells them all about there city. But they are too scared to go on the outside and see what's waiting. Everyone but Tris and her group. They are the brave ones that risk there lives to find out what's beyond the walls. While they are outside of the walls they meet people that try to explain everything to them. But then everything goes south. They turn on people and just try to kill everyone after finding out about the real world. In the end Tris dies and Tobias is upset. But hey , thats not the end of the Divergent series, I still have to read Four.


The genre of this book is science fiction. I know this because it talks about the future and what can/will happen if people discovered things. They use science technology to run there program. Hints "science fiction".

Main Conflict

The main conflict is that all the people with "cured" genes think that anyone without the cured genes are people with flaws and think they're better than the others. The conflict would be the lack of equality between those with cured and those with non cured genes. They spend so much time trying to make the others feel bad when , in all reality, they are just as bad or even worse than the non cured people.


The major theme in this book , personally to me , is telling me that even though things seem like one thing, they turn out to be completely different. Some things you just never can be prepared for in life. You have to be brave and self conscious, help others and keep people safe. Even if you're the " different" one, stand up and fight for others.

How does the protagonist change throughout the novel?

Tris ( our protagonist) becomes more and more brave. She becomes less scared and stands up for herself. She's no longer the newby in the group. She's now one of the leaders, a person everyone can look up too. She'll stand up for what she believes in and becomes mentally tougher.

How was the conflict resolved?

In the end they figured out what is in the real world and all of the "cured" and "non-cured" genes. People die but they died trying to save everyone. Everyone's a hero.

How does it apply to me?

The whole " fake world " thing doesn't really apply to me. But the theme sure does. It tells me that things may not be what they seem to be. A lot of things are bad , but are dissquised as something good. You'll never know what's good or bad unless you try try and dig deeper into your information.

Quote & protagonist

" We have to trust someone don't we? Or else we're just walking around in a wasteland, possibly starving to death." The protagonist states that she has to believe someone or else they get nowhere. In life if you can't trust anyone , it leads to failure.