Teotihucan Mexico

Aztec Worship Centers


Teotihucan Mexico is located 48 kilometers and 30 miles north east of Mexico City. Its the sixth largest city in the world.


There are about 200,000 people who live in Teotihucan Mexico.The building they had for like business etc. were made out of wood. There are so many mysteries about the pyramids and the city its self that have not been solved yet.


Pyramid of the Moon

Its hard to see but if you look close there is a large stone alter in the middle of the pyramid of the moon it is thought to have been used for ceremonial dancing.

What Religion Conciders This Group Sacred?

The Aztecs were a group of people but as far as we know the Aztec was there religion.



People first moved to the area around 500 B.C. Teotihucan means " place were gods were born." The Aztecs were the ones who gave Teotihucan it's name. Also Teotihucans pyramids covered 12 square miles and the city was larger in size then Rome.

Pyramid of the Moon

People are allowed to take stairs up the pyramid of the sun and look at the amazing view at the top.

Pyramid of the Sun

The pyramid of the Sun is nearly equal in size to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.The pyramid is was made with brick and stone.
This is another picture of the Pyramid Of The Sun.