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Essential oils are a great, natural way to enhance the pleasure in your life. Essential oils can support pituitary gland function in our brains' epithelium, the gland responsible for releasing sex hormones. They can also improve the vascular system, which gets our juices flowing, as it were. Additionally, essential oils can impact the part of our brain that's responsible for our confidence level and sense of self-worth. And they can make you smell delicious to boot! All of this can add up to making our lives a whole lot more FUN, providing us with a deeper feeling of satisfaction, and strengthening our bond with our partners.

Thursday, April 14th, 9-10pm

This is an online event.

Are you looking for ways to raise the vibrations in the bedroom? Are you feeling like the stress and rigors of daily life have impinged on sensuality and intimacy in your world?

We live very busy lives, and it's easy to let this important aspect of our health and vibrancy fall to the wayside. Sometimes, when we finally find the chance to create that special connection with our partners, we find that it's hard to get in the right mood. It seems our bodies don't want to cooperate when the time is finally right.

Let me show you some great ways to use essential oils so that our sexy mood is at the ready and more responsive to the needs of the moment. With regular topical and aromatic use of top quality essential oils you may find your libido waking up and opening up new doors to pleasure, delight, and intimacy in your partnership.

Date: Thursday, April 14th

Time: 9 pm EST
Place: Facebook
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Rachel Dowling is an Independent Wellness Advocate for DoTERRA International. She has extensive experience using essential oils for creating optimal wellness, balance, and vibrancy in our lives, with a special interest in the ways that essential oils can enhance pleasure and sensuality in our lives, deepen our sense of satisfaction, and strengthen intimacy between partners.